Which Harry Potter movie had an international quiditch game in the beginning?


If I remember correctly, but I very well could have been dreaming, one of the Harry Potter movies starts out with the Weesly family and Harry getting tickets to a major quiditch match that they have to travel by air to. If anyone knows, I would be very happy to find out which one it is. Oh, and please excuse my poor spelling habits.




Goblet of fire


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire started out with a quiditch match of Belgium vs. Ireland if I remember correctly with Ireland winning b ut Belgiums seeker, Krum, catching the snitch.

Michael Braun

It’s the fifth book, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. The quidditch world cup is the event.

Kyle Sparks

The fourth movie, Goblet of Fire.


It is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. What a funny coincidence. I am actually watching that film right now while typing this answer :P . He doesn’t exactly travel by air but bye portkey and Hermione wakes him up and also wakes Ron up.

Lucius Malfoy(FemaleHPfan)

Goblet of Fire and they travel by portkey

Classic Disney Freak

The Goblet of Fire. It’s my favorite :)


Its the fourth one called the goblet of fire. Its belguim vs ireland. Krum caught the snitch but ireland won. And they traveled there by a portkey.

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